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Tens or Better

Tens or Better Video Poker

Join us for a few hands of classic video poker game Tens or Better. A variation of Jacks or Better, it's a great introduction to five card draw poker, and with the odds in your favour, you'll learn quick and win big.

First, place your bets and then wait for your five cards to be dealt. Now you need to know your hand ranking. A royal flush containing 10 to A of the same suit is the highest ranking, and paying, hand in the game. Next comes four of a kind, then a straight flush, all the way down to two pairs. A Tens or Better hand contains a pair of tens, jacks, queens, kings or aces.

If you're new to video poker and want to play Tens or Better video poker, all cards lower than ten are low and aces are always high. The trade off for the ease of use is lower value in combinations below a royal flush.

Strategy always plays a part in playing Tens or Better online, but this user friendly variant is suitable for all levels of poker expertise from newbies to poker veterans. There are no wilds and you play with a standard 52 card deck so the game is quick and easy to pick up and start playing - and paying.

You can increase and decrease the size of your bet with the + and - keys or use bet max to go all in. You can choose autohold to play Tens or Better video poker online with ease or you can play manually. After every win, you'll even get the option to double up - five cards are dealt with one face up. Choose a card that's higher than the dealers and you'll double your stake.

For crisp graphics, the double-up feature, autohold and ease of use whatever your level of expertise, choose Tens or Better.

To play Tens or Better Video Poker:

Choose the value of the coins you wish to wager each round, by clicking on the + and - buttons on the right of the screen.

Click Bet One or Bet Max to select the number of coins you wish to wager. Each click on the Bet One button adds another coin to the bet. Clicking Bet Max increases your bet to the maximum - that is, five coins - and deals the cards automatically. You can also click the appropriate column on the winnings table to specify your bet size.

Click Deal.

Choose which cards you wish to keep by pressing the Hold button underneath the card, or by clicking on the card itself.

Click Deal to replace the cards that you did not choose to hold.

If you did not get a winning combination, the round is over and you can start again. If you did get a winning combination, see the next section.

In Tens or Better Video Poker, the lowest winning combination is a pair of Tens: a pair of any lower cards (for example, Fours) is not a winning combination; a pair of any higher cards (for example, Queens) is a winning combination.

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