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Super Spinner Bar-X

Super Spinner Bar-X is a charming slot experience: it offers a five by three reel with 10 paylines that invokes the mechanical origins of the slot machine experience.

When you play Super Spinner Bar-X slots you're trying to line up X and O symbols as the bread and butter of your game. These allow you to build up a standard jack pot. BAR symbols do not pay out at all, and only two others are up for grabs: the Super Spins symbol for bonus spins and the rare Jackpot King symbol that unlocks the progressive bonus.

The simplicity of this game, with only five symbols in play, and the astonishingly clear and straight forward design makes playing Super Spinner Bar-X slots online a really good choice for someone who's new to playing slot machines on the web. The symbols are extremely legible for a newcomer and you understand everything you're seeing immediately.

Another great concession to simplicity is that winning combinations can start anywhere across the reels. You don't have to strike lucky on the first row to rack up wins: even if you match symbols on the last three rows on the machine you still get money in your pot.This is a spin and stop table, so when you play Super Spinner Bar-X slots online you're in control of the experience. As a new player starts to get more confident, and understanding the winning patterns on the table, they can start making decisions about when to hit stop, and try to line up the big bonuses available with the progressive jackpot.

This machine also carefully highlights all the winning combinations from any spin, another reason this game is a great way to learn how online slot machines work and turn a new player into an experienced winner. It's also ideal for an established player looking for a back to basics experience, without the proliferation of symbols, bonuses and side games that has complicated other games in this genre in recent years: Super Spinner Bar-X slots is a pure example of the form guaranteed to delight players of any level of experience.


Super Spinner Bar-X is a 5-reel 10-line slot based on the classic OX0 theme. The game has an exciting super spin feature where every spin is a win as well as the Jackpot King Promotional Progressive Pot!

Step 1: Getting Started

  • Touch the button and then touch one of the Bet options to select your price of play.
  • Bet from 20p up to £500 (depending on Operator configuration and currency equivalent) by touching the value of the Total Bet you wish to play.
  • Click 'SPIN' to start your game.
  • The reels will spin and eventually stop at random.
  • If the combination of symbols appearing on the reels forms a line of 3, 4 or 5 matching symbols (on adjacent reels) on one of the win lines, then you win.
    • Any winning lines you have will be highlighted and your winnings will be credited to your account balance.
    • During any spin if 3, 4 or 5 Super Spin symbols appear on a winline on adjacent reels the Super Spins Bonus is triggered.
    • Achieving 5 Jackpot King overlay symbols during any spin awards the Jackpot King Bonus.
    • There is an Autoplay function in the game that will start each spin automatically.
    • If you wish to cancel this during your auto spins then simply press the Stop Autoplay button which will appear at the top of where the Autoplay button was previously along with the remaining number of spins.

    • Reel Wins

    • Line wins are multiplied by the value bet on the winning line.
    • All wins across all different lines are added together to form the total win.
    • All line pay symbols must appear on a played line and on consecutive adjacent reels.
    • Only the highest line win is paid on each line.
    • Scatter wins (if applicable) are added to any line wins.

    • Bonus Feature

      Super Spins

    • During any spin if 3, 4 or 5 Super Spin symbols appear on a winline on adjacent reels the Super Spins Bonus is triggered (the more Super Spin symbols on a winline, the higher the number of Super Spins awarded up to a maximum of 50).
    • Super Spins are played on special reels, with every spin during Super Spins awarding a win.
    • Super Spins continue until all Spins are used, where the player is awarded the amount displayed in the Bonus Winnings panel.
    • Super Spins can be retriggered during the Super Spins Bonus.

    • Jackpot King Promotional Pot System

      During any spin there is a chance that the Jackpot King Bonus can be triggered by achieving 5 Jackpot King overlay symbols on reels 1 to 5.The Jackpot King Promotional Pot System is available on any stake on any game plugged into the Jackpot King Promotional Pot. Spin the reels to accumulate Crown symbols to move up the win ladder.

      Achieve 15+ Crown symbols to enter the Wheel King section of the feature. After any spin CHOOSE AN ICON to reveal one of the following outcomes:

      SPIN - spins the reels again, with any additional Crown symbols in view adding to the win ladder.

      COLLECT - ends the feature with the player being awarded a Bonus Win based on the multiplier of their Total Bet reached on the win ladder.

      WHEEL KING - reveal this to go directly into the Wheel King round of the feature.

      Achieving 15+ Crown Symbols during the Jackpot King Bonus awards the Wheel King Bonus.The Wheel King Feature is a Tombola style Wheel consisting of Big Win Multiplier segments and Progressive pot segments.Spin the wheel to win either a Big Total Bet Multiplier or a Promotional Jackpot.NOTE - The Jackpot King Promotional Jackpot can only be won during the Wheel King part of the bonus.When the Promotional Pot is won, it is reset and begins to rise again.

      The overall Jackpot King progressive contribution is 3%, which covers both the main pot contribution and reseed amount. Jackpot King is a level-based progressive system with the contribution to the main and reserve pots varying on the active Jackpot value.

      On Game zero, 3% is allocated to the main progressive pot, then over time as the jackpot fund increases, less % is allocated to the main pot and more % funding the reseed. The initial seed amount is set by the operator with a recommended initial seed value range from £25,000 to £100,000.The reseed value is capped at £1 million which is accounted for in the maths and is the projected/ expected reseed amount after any pot win.

      Simultaneous jackpot wins cannot occur. Should two players appear to win the jackpot at the same time the first player to trigger the jackpot will win the whole jackpot amount, the second player would win the reserve pot plus any further contributions made.In the event of a communication error after a promotional pot win result has been determined and before it has been displayed on screen, the win amount will automatically be transferred to the player's account.

      While the game is live, the jackpot cannot be terminated. If the game is removed, the outstanding pool amount can be transferred to another jackpot.Depending on Operator configuration, the following additional Pots may also be available: Regal, Royal.When the jackpot is won, it is reset to the Reserve Pot amount and begins to rise again.Jackpots are funded by contributions from the player's stake except for the initial seed which is funded by the Operator.

      Auto Play

      There is an Autoplay function in the game that will start each spin automatically.By selecting 'AUTOPLAY' you can choose to place up to 100 bets automatically, one after the other.Select your stake as normal then press the 'AUTOPLAY' button to select the number of 'Autoplay' bets you want to play.(The following additional functions are also applicable depending on jurisdiction)

      Select your Loss Limit (maximum amount willing to lose for the autoplay session) and then press PLAY to begin your autoplays (other options are available).Auto Play will turn off if you get into any bonus round including Freespins, if you reach the set Loss Limit or if a Progressive pot is awarded (where applicable).You can stop Auto Play from continuing onto the next spin by clicking the 'STOP' button.

      Payout Information and Game Rules

      Line wins are multiplied by the value bet on the winning line. Wins on different paylines are added.

      All line pay symbols must appear on a played line and on consecutive reels beginning with the far left reel (20 lines always active except Panda Warrior Free Spins where 40 winlines are always active). Only the highest line win is paid on each line.).

      Feature symbols are scatter wins and are awarded when appearing on any position on the reels for any number of played lines (20 lines always active).

      Multiple scatter features can be won in a single game.

      Scatter wins are paid in addition to reel wins.

      Free Spins are played on the same number of lines and bet per line/Total Bet as the triggering game (20 lines always active except Panda Warrior Free Spins where 40 winlines are always active).


      The maximum win from a single game is £250,000 or 10,000xBet - whichever is reached first (depending on currency. Other Operator limits may apply).

      Applicable date from: 12/09/2017

      Additional Information

      This game has a theoretical return to player of 92.50% + 3% Progressive Jackpot Contribution.

  • Game play artwork for Super Spinner Bar-X