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Game play artwork for Side Bet City


Go back to 1985 and join our Las Vegas-themed Poker room for a late-night city buzz in the brand-new game Side Bet City. The objective of this simple, fast and very fun Poker game is for you to bet on whether they will win on a 3 Card, 5 Card or 7 Card hand, or on the All Lose option based on all the usual Poker hands. Unlike other Poker games, Side Bet City is not played against the dealer.

The dealer deals seven cards in total, the 3 Card hand is determined based on the first three cards dealt, the 5 Card hand is based on the first five cards dealt and the 7 Card hand comprises the best five cards out of all seven cards dealt. The All Lose bet wins only if none of the other three bets win regardless of if you bet on them or not.

An unlimited number of players can play simultaneously, playing against a pay table, not the dealer. The dealer deals seven cards in all from one deck. It's fast and fun, with no decisions needed by the player after placing their bets. If the player's bet wins, a winning message will appear. It's that simple!

Side Bet City online is a fast-paced poker game with big payout potential and now available on desktop, tablet or on mobile devices.

Game play artwork for Side Bet City