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Multi Wheel Roulette

Multi Wheel Roulette

Feeling lucky? It's time to step up to the table, place your bets and take a spin with Multi Wheel Roulette!

If you prefer your suits dapper, your stakes high and your cocktails shaken, not stirred, this glamorous game is the way to play. Instead of betting on one wheel, this thrilling twist on the classic European casino game offers you the chance to bet on up to six roulette wheels at a time. Yes, that's six wheels, one board and lots of chances to win.

Simply select the number of wheels you'd like to bet on, cross your fingers and hit spin. Your initial bet will be multiplied for each wheel you play, meaning that not only can you increase your chances of winning, if you win, you'll win big!

Designed for the daring, this sophisticated casino experience is the perfect way to streamline your gaming time. When you play Multi Wheel Roulette online, you can choose to play as many wheels as you like, but if you spin with a full house, you'll get six chances to scoop the jackpot, with six times the suspense and six times the excitement.

As with all games here at Genting Casino, Multi Wheel Roulette Online is easy to play and quick to master. Simply choose the number of wheels you'd like to play with by clicking on each wheel to either activate or deactivate it, place your bet and then click spin. Our multi-wheel view is designed to make bets easy to follow, while our optimized graphics, sound and gameplay package makes it easy to play at home on your desktop computer, or on the go with a phone or tablet device.

Perfect for players who like to bet big and win bigger, this thrilling game is guaranteed to excite and delight every time you hit go. With slick, modern graphics, great odds and more potential payouts on the table, this unique take on the classic wheel of fortune game will keep you coming back for more.

So if you're a fan of non-stop roulette action, don't miss out on your chance to win big. Dust off your chips, grab a Martini and play Multi Wheel Roulette today for six times the excitement and six times the fun.

Multi Wheel Roulette Information

The object of the game is to predict where the ball will come to rest on one or more of the Roulette wheels.

To play Multi Wheel Roulette:

  • Click on a chip of the desired value to select it.
  • Hovering the mouse pointer over any position of the table layout brings up a tooltip that shows the type of the bet that is placed in that betting area, the payout of that bet type, the minimum and maximum bet limits for that kind of bet, and your current bet amount on that position. In addition, the numbers that will be included in the bet are highlighted on the table layout.
  • Place your bet by clicking on a number or betting area on the Roulette table. Every click on the betting area adds one chip of the selected value to the bet. All different betting options and corresponding payouts are explained in the Multi Wheel Roulette Rules section within the game.
  • Note that limits apply per Wheel bet.
  • The minimum and maximum bet limits are dependent on your VIP level. If a bet is below the minimum limit, a message about an insufficient bet is shown and the respective chips on the table are highlighted three times. For detailed information on bet limits for all positions, click on the limits sign on the table.
  • To increase the bet by another amount, select another chip and click on the desired betting area.
  • Shift-clicking (holding down the Shift key and clicking) on the betting area removes one chip of the same value as the selected chip from the bet, or the entire bet if the selected chip is greater in value than the bet placed.
  • You can place several chips into different betting areas simultaneously.
  • By default, all six roulette wheels are active. However, you can choose to deactive up to five of the roulette wheels by clicking on their images. See the section Table and Table Features for more information.
  • At any time during a game round, your betting information is displayed in the lower left side of the game window:
    • Wheels - The number of active wheels.
    • Wheel bet - The amount of chips on the table (this represents the bet amount per active wheel).
    • Bet - The total bet, calculated as Wheels x Wheel bet.
    • Win - Your win amount from the current round.
  • Click Spin to set the ball spinning after you have placed your bets. Clicking Clear Betsremoves all the placed bets from the table. Clicking Double doubles the bets you have placed on the table. After a spin, click Rebet to place the same bet as during the previous spin, and Spin to set the ball spinning or click Rebet & Spin to place the same bet orDouble & Spin to place double the bet and spin the wheel immediately.
  • Clicking Rebet or Rebet & Spin places the same bet amouns per wheel as in the last game round, even if the number of active wheels has been increased or decreased. The Bet will therefore change if you choose to change the number of active wheels and use the Rebet feature.
  • After a spin, each wheel with a winning spin shows the win amount from this wheel. In addition, buck markers are placed on the table layout according to the number of active wheels. Each marker is of a different color, corresponding to the background of the Roulette wheel. If two or more Roulette wheels spin the same number, one marker is shown with its color switching periodically.
  • The winning bets remain on the table. You can remove them like any other bet or leave them on the table for the next round. Genting Casino may disable this feature for a table. If it is disabled, then the winning bets are returned to you together with your winnings.

Expected Payback

Return to Player = 97.30%

In accordance with fair gaming practices required in most legal jurisdictions worldwide, each and every game outcome is completely independent. The odds of achieving any particular outcome are always the same.

The odds of your play do not vary based on prior outcomes, bet size, balance size, time of day, day of week, etc. For example, if the top award is won on a given spin of the game, the chances of winning the top award on the next spin are exactly the same. Likewise, prior losses do not change future odds.

The expected payback reflects the theoretical return across a very large number of spins by numerous players over an extended period of time. The results for any given player over a play session can vary widely from this long-term, expected average in either direction. The fewer the number of games played, the wider the normal variance of actual payback that may be experienced.

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