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Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is the first of a new breed of online casino game, designed to offer something exciting and fresh for players looking for a challenge beyond slot machines. If you're a new player looking for something to really catch your imagination, or an experienced slot machine wizard who needs something new, find Dream Catcher online today!

The Dream Catcher itself is a giant lucky wheel, with numbers broken up by multiplier segments. Players can bet freely on the number they think the wheel will stop on, with a slick, visually exciting interface, with bold colours and designs that make placing a bet enticing and easy to understand.

The UI really is a cut above traditional slot machine games: you can drag and drop casino chips to a board showing the numbers on the wheel, laid out like it's in front of you in the casino. And that's not the only thing this game has done to really double down on the immersion and fun of playing for high stakes!

The real twist when you play Dream Catcher is that you're placed into the contestant's shoes on a game show. Evolution has spent time in the studio filming a live dealer to be the host of your personal casino! The live dealer encourages you to place your bets and comments on the action as the wheel spins. They've really pulled out all the stops to give you the live experience and drag you into this exciting new game.

If your spin of the wheel lands on one of the multiplier segments, then your bet stays on but the winnings on the next round are doubled or even multipled by seven. As the multipliers stack, after a few spins even a small stake can turn into a huge jackpot!

You can play Dream Catcher online on your desk- or laptop, but it's also available on tablet and mobile phones, so you can spin the wheel and take a chance on a jackpot wherever you can connect to the internet. You could even spend your commute immersed in this live casino experience - you might find you've won a jackpot by the time you get to work and can turn straight around and go home!

Dream Catcher


The basic rules
Everything players need to know about this game can be learnt in seconds.

  • Players simply bet on the number they think the wheel will stop at: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40.
  • Payout odds correspond to the winning number: e.g. 5 pays 5 to 1, 10 pays 10 to 1, and so on.
  • There are two 'multiplier' positions on the wheel (2x and 7x) that multiply the next win.

The multiplier rules

If the wheel stops on a multiplier segment, then all bets remain in place. No new bets will be allowed and the wheel is spun again.

The outcome of the next spin (1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40) will determine the winning wager as usual, but the odds will be multiplied by 2x or 7x, depending on which multiplier the wheel stopped on in the previous spin.

If the wheel stops on a multiplier again, then all bets remain in place, and the multiplied payout from the last spin is multiplied again. The dealer spins again, and continues to spin until the spin ends with a result; i.e. the wheel stops on 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40.

In other words, if the wheel stops on a multiplier on two or more spins in a row, then the eventual winning number is multiplied multiple times.

Consecutive multipliers are unlimited subject to a default maximum win of EUR 250,000

Multiplier win example 1

The wheel stops on 2x and on the next spin it stops on 5.
The payout for players who originally placed a bet on 5 is:
(5 to 1) x 2 = 10 to 1.

Multiplier win example 2

The wheel stops on 2x, then on the next spin it stops on 7x, and on the next spin it stops on 5.
In this outcome the payout for players who originally placed a bet on 5 is:
(5 to 1) x 2 x 7 = (10 to 1) x7 = 70 to 1.

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