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Deuces Wild 4 Line

Deuces Wild 4 Line

It's a four-line variant of the regular Deuces Wild video poker game which is in itself very popular. Since the game has wild cards, it is very easy to form some very strong poker hands without too much effort.

The reason the game gets its name is that all the Deuces (cards with face value 2) are treated as wild cards and can replace any other card regardless of the value and suit. The four-line variant simply means that the player has a much higher chance of forming a winning combination with the same hand that is dealt.

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To play Deuces Wild 4 Line:

Choose the value of the coins you wish to wager each round, by clicking on the + and - buttons on the right of the screen.

Click Bet One or Bet Max to select the number of coins you wish to wager. Each click on the Bet One button adds another coin to the bet. Clicking Bet Max increases your bet to the maximum - that is, five coins per line - and deals the cards automatically. You can also click the appropriate column on the paytable to specify the number of coins per line.

The bet size you choose is per one line. Since there are 25 lines of cards, 25 times the single line bet amount is subtracted from your account balance. Your total bet amount is shown on the Bet screen in the lower right corner of the window.

Click Deal.

Choose which cards you wish to keep by pressing the Hold button underneath the card, or by clicking on the card itself. Held cards are used across all 25 lines of cards. The game has an auto-hold feature where cards that make up a winning hand on the original deal are automatically held.

Click Deal to replace the cards that you did not choose to hold. After the cards have been replaced, your cards are checked for any winning combinations, described in the paytable (click the Paytable button to see it, click again to close it).

If you have winning hands on multiple lines, your winnings are added up.

The lowest winning combination is Three of a Kind; that is three cards of the same kind (for example, three Queens).

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