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Arabic Roulette

Arabic Roulette

Arabic speakers and lovers of Arabic culture will fall head over heels for Arabic Roulette,one of the most unique and personalised Roulette games to hit the market yet. This world-class Live Roulette has a distinct Arabic flavor that maximises customer service and makes for a wonderful gaming experience. Everything players love about classic Roulette is here, but with more customisation!

This game offers a true to life authentic Roulette experience. When players play Arabic Roulette live they will see all of the familiar game elements including the wheel, dealer, table, and line-up of bets. What's more, this game is complete with enhanced statistics to help players make their betting decisions and potentially win greater sums, more often! After all, there are large payouts at stake in this thrilling game!

This game is exquisite both visually and aurally. Arabic Roulette live online is set in a Middle Eastern-inspired gaming room, complete with geometric and interlaced patterns ornamenting the walls. Warm colours beckon players to take part in this exciting, yet comforting Live Roulette experience.

Animated dealers and an actual Roulette table will make players feel as if they are in a real-life casino. But the attention to detail does not stop there! The typical game presenters have been replaced by Native Arabic speakers. These native speaking professionals understand the finer details of Arabic culture and casino etiquette, thus delivering exceptional services for players. From being able to choose the dealer, the pace of the game, and of course the bets, Arabic Roulette puts all of the control into the players' hands. Evolution Gaming is all about unique gaming experiences, and they deliver once again with this fantastic game.

Play Arabic Roulette live online now to truly experience all it has to offer on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Everything about the game is designed to help you win big, and more often! With so many specialised features including personalised language, helpful statistics, and stunning visuals, Arabic Roulette is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Don't miss out on this beautifully crafted Live Roulette from Evolution gaming!

Arabic Roulette

Arabic Roulette is set in a Middle Eastern inspired gaming room, where roulette table is serviced by native Arabic speaking game presenters!

Select your chip value by clicking on the relevant chip. You will then be able place your selected bets on the table layout during the game round. As betting is drawing to an end, the 'Bets Closing' message will appear at which point you should finish placing your bets. The table minimum bet and maximum bet can be seen in the top left of the game window - you are unable to place bets outside these limits. If you have a winning bet, your balance will update, straight away, before the next game round commences.

There are several features to help make bet placement very easy - the racetrack to the right hand side will assist you to place neighbours bets, section bets and special bets easily. You can also save some of your favourite bets so you can place them again in a later game round in just one click. Game statistics and winning number history are shown so that you can see the hot and cold numbers and bet with just one click. The game statistics will show you results for a large number of previous rounds and shortcuts allow you to bet quickly simply by clicking on the display.

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