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Alien Hunter

Alien Hunter Slots

We're under invasion! But with the new Alien Hunter Slots, you'll be both Men In Black and in the black! With fantastic bonuses and rewards on offer, you won't be short of entertainment as you score galactic winnings, with a payout of better than 96%. Spin through your captured alien wilds, and you'll be on the path to success! But remember - we are not alone...

With three different scatters - the Spaceship, the Alien Egg, and the Alien Hunter - you'll get more bonuses, and different kinds. Activate the Spaceship for an instant quick win, worthy of Saturn! Activate the Alien Egg, and score stellar winnings with prizes for each egg you destroy, with multipliers along the way. Or set it all up for your interstellar shoot-out, pitting your wits against the aliens with your ray gun when you play Alien Hunter slots - knock out just six aliens, and advance the round! As if that's not enough, you can also unlock free spins - putting more dark matter in your slot space engine, as you zoom towards another jackpot.

With great comic book style graphics, and opportunities to win thousands of times your bet, you're saving the galaxy and getting paid well to do it! But if the excitement of the reels aren't enough for you, the Dollar Ball side bet is active - giving you a lotto bonus that will reward those willing to push beyond the final frontier with a chance at a progressive jackpot.

Better yet, these endless bonuses, rewards, jackpot opportunities and great returns aren't only for high rollers. Alien Hunter slots comes with fully adjustable coin values, allowing you to select from 0.01 to 50. No longer will your opportunities for big wins be tied to your stake, as with a potential jackpot of 10,000x times your stake, a big win awaits all players.

Do you have what it takes to take on the galaxy and win with Alien Hunter? Prove that you're the guardian that this galaxy needs, and take advantage of the chances, jackpots, wilds and scatters that this high paying slot offers.

Come on cadet! Play Alien Hunter slots online, and set your phasers to stun - it's time to win a jackpot!

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Alien Hunter bonusAlien Hunter paytable

The object of Alien Hunter Slotsis to obtain a winning symbol combination by spinning the reels.

To play Alien Hunter Slots:

  • Choose your coin size by clicking the + and - buttons on the right of the screen.
  • Choose your line bet by clicking the Bet Per Line button. Each click adds a coin to the line bet. Once you've reached the maximum amount, clicking the button again will reset the line bet to one coin.
  • Choose your paylines. You can click the Select Lines button to add a payline, or use the coloured buttons on both sides of the reels. Whenever you select a higher payline, you'll also select all the lower ones (i.e., if you activate payline 18, paylines 1 through 17 will be active as well). You can also click Bet Max to activate all the paylines and spin the reels.
  • The amount of money you bet on a game round is the line bet multiplied by the number of active paylines.
  • Click Spin (if you did not click Bet Max) to spin the reels.
  • If the reels show a winning combination after they stop (along a payline you bet on), you win according to the paytable. You can click the Paytable button to view the paytable. Close the pay table by clicking the Paytable button again. If you win on multiple paylines simultaneously, your winnings are added up.
  • Expected Payback

    Return to Player = 96.13%

    In accordance with fair gaming practices required in most legal jurisdictions worldwide, each and every game outcome is completely independent. The odds of achieving any particular outcome are always the same.

    The odds of your play do not vary based on prior outcomes, bet size, balance size, time of day, day of week, etc. For example, if the top award is won on a given spin of the game, the chances of winning the top award on the next spin are exactly the same. Likewise, prior losses do not change future odds.

    The expected payback reflects the theoretical return across a very large number of spins by numerous players over an extended period of time. The results for any given player over a play session can vary widely from this long-term, expected average in either direction. The fewer the number of games played, the wider the normal variance of actual payback that may be experienced.

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