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Aces & Faces 25 Line

Aces & Faces 25 Line

This time you have 25 separate hands in which to hold or discard those cards to try and make the best 5 card poker hand possible!

Choose your stake, from as little as 5 pence right up to T100, press deal and 5 cards are shown. Just like our standard Aces and Faces game, you then have the choice to hold some, all or none of those cards, but in this game, once a card is held it is replicated 3 more times in 3 more hands, giving you 5 chances of getting that perfect poker hand! Once you've decided what to hold and what to discard, press deal again and then watch as all 4 separate hands are dealt, with 4 separate pay outs!

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25-Line Aces & Faces

The object of 25-Line Aces & Faces is to obtain a five-card poker hand that contains a winning combination. It differs from original Aces & Faces, since it has 25 lines of cards. Each line uses a different deck of cards. Each line is treated as a separate hand for the determination of any wins.

The better your hand, the bigger the payout. You choose how many and which of your cards are to be replaced. You may replace your cards only once.

After each round, used cards are returned to the decks and the decks are shuffled.

To play 25-Line Aces & Faces:

  • Choose the value of the coins you wish to wager each round, by clicking on the + and - buttons on the left of the screen.
  • Click Bet One or Bet Max to select the number of coins you wish to wager. Each click on the Bet One button adds another coin to the bet. Clicking Bet Max increases your bet to the maximum - that is, five coins per line - and deals the cards automatically. You can also click the appropriate column on the paytable to specify the number of coins per line.
    The bet size you choose is per one line. Since there are 25 lines of cards, 25 times the single line bet amount is subtracted from your account balance. Your account balance is shown on the Credit field at the right hand side of the game screen. Your total bet amount is shown on the Bet below the Credit field.
  • The minimum and maximum bets are shown in the Bet Min and Bet Max fields on the Paytable sceen. Bet Min shows the value of the bet when betting a single coin of the smallest value. Bet Max shows the value of the bet when betting five coins of the biggest value.
  • Click Deal.
  • Choose which cards you wish to keep by pressing the Hold button underneath the card, or by clicking on the card itself. Held cards are used across all 25 lines of cards. The game has an auto-hold feature where cards that make up a winning hand on the original deal are automatically held.
  • Click Deal to replace the cards that you did not choose to hold. After the cards have been replaced, your cards are checked for any winning combinations, described in the paytable (click the Paytable button to see it, click again to close it).
  • If you have winning hands on multiple lines, your winnings are added up. The total winnings are shown on the Win field at the right hand side of the game screen.
  • The lowest winning combination is a pair of Jacks: a pair of any lower cards (for example, Tens) is not a winning combination; a pair of any higher cards (for example, Queens) is a winning combination.


If you end up with a winning hand, you can accept the win (click Collect), or Double it. Should you choose to Double, the dealer draws a face up card and you are given 4 face-down cards to choose from. If you choose a card that turns out to be lower than the dealer's, you lose your original win. If the cards are equal, it is a tie, and you have the option to collect your original winnings (click Collect) or Double again. If your card is higher, you win double your original win amount. You then have the option to collect your winnings or Double again.

You can also choose to Double Half, which means you only double using half of your current winning amount, and deposit the rest into your balance. If your current winning amount cannot be evenly divided by two, it is split into two as equally as possible and the smaller half can be used for double up while the larger half is deposited to your balance. Double Half To shows the amount you would win, including the amount deposited into your balance.

You can move the Double window (if enabled in the Options) by dragging it with the mouse. Doubling is a separate game round, and can be viewed as such in the Game History. During doubling the Bet screen displays the amount wagered for doubling. The Win screen displays the win amount for the current round.

You can double up only if your win amount does not exceed the Double Up Limit. The limit is shown on the Paytable page.


The paytable shows the payouts for the winning combinations. To find the win amounts, multiply the payout shown in the paytable by the value of the selected coin. Number of coins increases from left to right: if you are betting one coin, use the leftmost column, if you are betting two coins use the second column from the left, etc. The rightmost column shows win amounts for Max Bet (five coins).


Bet Max

Bet five coins and deal the cards automatically.

Bet One

Bet one coin or increase the bet by one coin (up to a total of five). Click Deal to receive your cards after that.


Deal a new hand, or replace cards that you didn't hold with new ones.


Select the cards you want to keep. Click the button again to release a card. Cards can also be held or released by clicking on them directly.
When doubling, use these buttons to choose the card you want to play.

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