Re-Opening FAQs

When will casinos be re-opening?

We will be opening casinos in England tier 1 or 2 regions on Wednesday 2nd December, in line with the government guidance. Casinos in tier 3 regions will remain closed.  You can view the opening status of our casinos here.

Our 3 casinos in Scotland will open once Edinburgh and Glasgow enter tier 1 of the Scottish Government restrictions, as of yet there is no indication as to when this will be.


Have your opening hours changed? 

Yes. All of our casinos will be operating slightly reduced opening hours and there will be some changes to when we will be offering live table games.

Our website will be updated to include opening hours for each casino as soon as we are able to confirm re-opening, so you can check this information here, on our Google listings or Facebook pages.


At what time do you close?

All our casinos will be closing at 11pm, in line with Government restrictions. The latest opening and closing times for all casinos can be found here.


Will you be serving food and drinks?

Drinks and a limited food menu will be available at all of our clubs until 10pm.  Food and Drinks will be table service only and customers will not be able to order, or drink, at the bar.  Alcoholic drinks can only be served with a substantial meal. Click here to view our menu, which includes substantial meals.


Will you be serving alcohol?

We will be serving alcohol until 10pm, but only with a substantial meal, in line with the Government restrictions.


What is classified as a substantial meal?

Our menus have been updated to clearly mark what is classified as a substantial meal.


When are last orders?

You can order food and drinks until 10pm but can continue to eat and drink until 11pm.


Will you be offering live casino games?

Yes, our usual live table games will be being offered across our estate. However, table capacity will be limited to a maximum of three players at any one time, and hours for live gaming have been reduced slightly. We suggest checking with your local club or online before you visit to confirm when live games will be available.


Will you be hosting poker games and tournaments?

Unfortunately, due to the current restrictions, we have had to halt all of our poker offerings so there will be no poker games taking place for the foreseeable future and the Genting Poker Series 2020 has been cancelled.


Will you be limiting capacity in casinos?

Yes – we will be ensuring that social distancing is possible at all times and will therefore be limiting numbers at all of our venues.


Will you be practicing social distancing?

Yes. We will be following the latest government guidance in relation to social distancing and therefore will be operating the ‘1 metre plus’ rule within our clubs at all times. Signage and guidance will be in place at all of our casinos and we have taken other measures to ensure social distancing is possible throughout our venues.


Will I need to book before I visit?

No, we will not be operating a bookings system. However, you may be asked to wait before entering if the casino is already at capacity when you arrive.


What cleanliness and hygiene measures will you be implementing?

Meticulous planning has gone into our re-opening plans and we have implemented a raft of measures to ensure our environments remain safe. These include but are not limited to;

  • Multiple hand sanitizer stations have been installed at all of our casinos
  • All customers will be required to clean their hands upon entering and exiting the casino, and between playing any table or machine games.
  • Social distancing will be being implemented at all casinos, and one-way systems have been created where necessary.
  • Screens have been installed in between all of our slot machines and our e-tables
  • More regular cleaning will be being carried out, including the cleaning of all tables and machines after every use.
  • Casino equipment – including cards and chips – will be subject to strict protocols with regards to sanitisation and to reduce circulation
  • Menu cards will be laminated and cleaned between each use.
  • Face coverings are mandatory for all staff and customers in the casino. Visors and masks will be made available for all staff and customers. 

We are confident that with all of these measures in place Genting clubs will be safe, welcoming environments for our customers to enjoy.


Are screens being installed between slot machines and on tables?

Yes screens have been installed in between all of our slot machines and our e-tables


Will staff be wearing masks?

Yes, face coverings are mandatory for all staff.


Will customers need to wear masks?

In line with Government guidance, masks are mandatory for customers on casino floor. Face coverings will be available should customers request them. 


Will you be registering customer details to assist with the track and trace scheme?

All visitors will pass through reception and must sign into our venues upon entering.

As part of the UK Government's national efforts to contain the spread of Coronavirus, we may be contacted by the NHS Test and Trace Service to confirm who has visited our premises in the last 21 days. This means that your name, contact telephone number and visit dates within this period (including arrival and departure times) may be shared with the NHS Test and Trace Service. This is to assist in tracing people who may have come into contact with a person who has tested positive for Coronavirus.  We are required to do this under current UK Government guidance on keeping workers, customers and visitors safe during Covid-19. Please note, we will only share this information if it is directly requested by the NHS Test and Trace Service, and after we are satisfied that the request is genuine.


Can I change or set personal limits on my gaming?

Yes, you can. At Genting, we take responsible gaming very seriously and believe it is important for everyone to stay in control by setting personal limits. We are also aware that recent events may have changed individual circumstances.

Safer gambling is at the heart of everything we do, and our casino staff are on hand to help you make responsible choices by informing you of the risks associated with gambling, as well as the tools available to help you stay within your limits. Please do speak to a member of our in-casino team and they will be more than happy to help. 


To find out more about the changes we have made, you can read our Covid-19 Risk Assessment here…