E-Table Tournament Terms & Conditions 


Genting Casino Bournemouth, 9 Yelverton Road, Bournemouth BH1 1DA. Genting Casino Bournemouth is a trading name and premises of Genting Casinos UK Ltd. Registered in England 01519689. Address: Star City, Watson Road, Birmingham B7 5SA. Genting Casinos UK Limited are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.


From 6th March, 2020 an Electronic Roulette tournament will take place at Genting Casino Bournemouth every Friday between 7pm and Midnight. Registration for each tournament closes at 11:45pm. One entry per customer, per tournament. Free to enter. Tournament prizes; 1st - 10,000 Genting Reward Points, 2nd - 5,000 Genting Reward Points. 3rd - 2,500 Genting Reward points. (T’s & C’s apply to My Genting Rewards. Available at Reception or online at https://www.gentingcasino.com/mygenting/) 28 days’ notice will be given at Reception if tournaments withdrawn. Membership required to enter.

E-Table Tournament Terms & Conditions

  1. Tournaments will begin on Friday 6th March, 2020 and then every Friday until further notice from 7.00pm to Midnight, registration closes at 11.45pm.
  2. In the event that this promotion is cancelled, customers will be given 28 days’ notice, this notice will be displayed in Reception.
  3. There are no limits on the number of participants, however places in the tournament are strictly on a first come first serve basis.
  4. Genting Casinos reserve the right to adjust the number of entries according to demand.
  5. Seat allocation will be determined at the point of registration and at the discretion of Genting Casino’s Management and/or Tournament Host, in accordance with the level of demand.
  6. The participants who achieve the highest three scores (final amount in credit, rules in ‘Tie Break’ Section applies) at the end of each tournament shall be declared the Tournament Winners and will win the prizes as stated.
  7. Genting Bournemouth reserves the right to alter the format of the tournament or withdraw this promotion at any time and without notice due to circumstances beyond its control.
  8. Winners may be required to provide valid photographic identification in order to claim their prize.
  9. Your Data:

All data provided will be processed in accordance with the Promoters Privacy Policy that is available at Reception and at www.gentingbet.com/privacy-policy

  • You may withdraw consent to your information being made available or request that less information be made available by speaking with a member of the Management Team, nevertheless the information will be shared with Government Agencies if required.

Conditions of Entry

10. This promotion is open to all UK residents aged 18 years or over except employees of Genting Casinos Ltd, their families, agents or agencies and anyone else professionally connected to this promotion who are all precluded from participation.

11. To enter the E-Tables tournament, you must be a member of Genting Casino Bournemouth registered for Genting Rewards scheme and over the age of 18. Non-members may register for membership prior to participation. Genting operate a challenge 25 policy, so please ensure that you bring your photographic id with you.

12. All entrants may view the tournament terms and conditions prior to the commencement of the tournament and all entrants must abide by the terms and conditions or risk disqualification.

13. The management of Genting Casino Bournemouth reserve the right to refuse any pre-registration request for entry into a tournament and participation of any nominated substitute in any tournament.

How to Enter

14. Players may pre-register for the tournament via the Tournament Host prior to each of the tournaments commencing, from 6pm onwards.

15. Once the tournament has commenced players should register with the tournament host.

Cost of Entry

16. Tournaments are free to enter.

17. Players are free to enter each tournament but may only enter once per tournament.

Prize Fund

1st Place – 10,000 Genting Reward Points

2nd Place – 5,000 Genting Reward Points

3rd Place – 2,500 Genting Reward Points


18. Non cash prizes are not redeemable for cash.

19. Terms & Conditions apply to the use of My Genting Rewards. Please see full terms and conditions for Genting Rewards, these can be located at Reception or online at https://www.gentingcasino.com/mygenting/

Tournament Session Format

20. The Casino Operator will determine the allocation of players within each tournament.

21. Each participating player will start with £10,000 of Non-Negotiable credits, which carry no cash value and are solely for the purpose of the tournament. Players may bet as little or as much as they like on each spin (subject to machine limits).

22. Each player session will last for 5 spins on the Blue Auto-Wheel or until the player run out of credits (whichever comes first).

23. After each player session the players remaining credit will be recorded by the slots host.


24. Tournament results will be available, 30 minutes after the tournament session has concluded, at the Cash Desk and will be available until the following week.

25. You may withdraw consent to your information being made available or request that less information be made available by speaking with a member of the Management Team, nevertheless the information will be shared with Government Agencies if required.

Tie Break

26. In the event of a tie for one of the first 3 positions then the prize associated with those positions will be shared equally between tied players e.g. if two players are tied for 1st place then the prize associated with 1st and 2nd position would be divided equally between those players. If 2 or more players are tied for 2nd position then the prize associated with 2nd and 3rd position would be divided equally between those players. In the event of a Tie for only 3rd position the prize will be split between the players that have scored identically.

Conduct of Play

27. The on Duty Manager may disqualify any player who fails to comply with these terms and conditions or whose behaviour is assessed as being detrimental to the integrity or the proper conduct of the tournament, including but not limiting to the following examples:

i. Abuse of casino employees, either verbally or physically.

ii. Abuse of entrants, either verbally or physically.

iii. Where a player does not take an allotted seat at the specified times as nominated by the on Duty Manager then the player shall forfeit his/her place in the tournament.

28. In the event of a tournament machine malfunction, the game for that player will become void. If the malfunction of the machine can be resolved, then the effected player may re – enter. If the malfunction of the machine cannot be resolved, the tournament cannot continue and all scores for that session will be void. Players will be able to re – enter the next available tournament session.

29. Any disputes must be raised immediately with the on Duty Manager.

30. Any dispute arising from these Terms and Conditions or not covered by the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, the decision of the Duty Manager will be final subject to the Dispute Policy.

Responsible Gambling

31. Genting Casinos recognises that a small proportion of its Patrons may experience problems as a result of their gambling. Genting Casinos are committed to a policy of promoting a responsible attitude to gambling and provides free literature within its Casinos for the information and benefit of all. Genting Casinos will ensure that its management and staff are aware of this issue so that they may offer assistance wherever possible. Genting Casinos operate SENSE (Self-Enrolment National Self Exclusion) scheme so if you would like to discuss your gambling, please speak to a member of the management team.