What's On

What's On

Blackjack Aces

£281,000 for 4 Aces suited, already well past the last total of £237k.

Over £70,000 per card, what an amazing Jackpot

Or £31,000 for any 4 Aces the same colour. Another Jackpot still worth winning.

Don't forget just over £1900 for any 4 Aces. That's almost £500 per card!

All for just a £1 per hand...can you say no?

We had our own Aces winner recently, over £5000 for 4 mixed aces!

Check our Facebook page for pictures of some of our previous winners!

Blackjack's Bonus Bets

Super 3

A new updated side bet for Blackjack.

Your initial cards and the dealer's card can get you

5-1 for a Flush

10-1 for a Straight

30-1 for 3 of a Kind

50-1 for a Straight Flush

Great odds for a great side bet!

Ultimate 3

Bet on the Super 3 then you can bet on the Ultimate 3,

Your initial cards and the dealers card again but with the Ultimate 3 you get

100-1 for 3 of a Kind

150-1 for a Straight Flush

500-1 for a Suited 3 of a Kind

Amazing odds for such a simple side bet...

....Good Luck everybody!

3-5 Multiwin Poker

We have had our first Royal Flush!

Congratulations to the lucky lady who £3000.

Her Ace King of Spades and the dealer's Queen ,Jack, 10 of Spades made the top hand.

Easy money!!

Well maybe not, but great to see at last!


What better way to get to and from Genting York Place than the tram which goes past  our front door!

Use either the St Andrew Square or the York Place stops, we are located in the middle of these stops.

Click HERE for the timetables


Let us know, how was your visit?

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Genting Poker Series

With 8 great legs,  £1 Million in prize pools guaranteed, and 7 great casinos, the Genting Poker Series offers an affordable tour, with one of the best structures around, run by the UK's biggest casino operator. For more information visit http://www.gentingpokerseries.com .

Popping for Points

Why do people love Popping for Points so much?

Well it is staying for May and getting better !

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday draws.

Still at 9pm, 11pm and 1am.

As always great Slots prizes to be won !

Get a burger and a pint for £5

Get a burger & a pint of lager for just £5!

Available all day and night, 364 days a year.

Great for when you are watching football, boxing or just feeling peckish.