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What’s On

What's On

What's On


Blackjack Aces

£447,000 for 4 Aces suited, gradually getting closer to the half Million!. All going to 1 lucky winner, but when?

A life changing 4 cards.

Or £22,000 for any 4 Aces the same colour. Even when compared to the Mega's £435k this is still a fantastic Jackpot.

Don't forget just over £3500 for any mix of 4 Aces. 

All for just a £1 per hand…can you say no?

Someone did and got the cards, all 4!

Check Facebook for the evidence!


3-5 Multi Win Poker

We are waiting for our next 5 card Royal Flush, at 1000-1 it is well worth the wait though.

The luck is in the cards, so keep playing…


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Genting Poker Series

With 8 great legs,  £1 Million in prize pools guaranteed, and 7 great casinos, the Genting Poker Series offers an affordable tour, with one of the best structures around, run by the UK's biggest casino operator. For more information visit .


August is for Tournaments



Qualify every Monday & Tuesday 10pm - 1am.

Daily winner prize of £50, with top 3 going to the final.

Final prizes of £300, £150 & £50.


Electronic Roulette

Qualify every Wednesday & Thursday 10pm - 1am.

Daily winner prize of 10,000 Genting Points, with top 3 going on to the final.

Final Prizes of £300, £150 & £50.


There will be lots competition & lots of winners, all month long!

Who will make the finals though?