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Opening hours: 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Genting Casino Manchester 

The friendliest cardroom in town!

Cash games 7 days a week 

Sunday to Thursday from 8pm to 7am 

Friday and Saturday from 7pm until 7am



Cash games


At Genting Casino Manchester we cater to a wide variety of cash games that are available every night of the week.


Our most popular game is No limit Texas Hold 'Em which starts with blinds of  £1-£1 with a minimum £40 and a maximum of £300 with rake at 5% capped at £10


£1-£2 games are available upon request with a minimum sit down of £100 and a maximum of £1000 with rake at 5% capped at £5


All Texas hold'em cash games players are eligible to win in the Royal Flush Bonus!



Back by popular demand

The Royal Flush Jackpot


At Genting we give away HUGE cash prizes to everyone playing cash when our royal flush jackpot is triggered!

The pot will break down as follows

  • 10% of the pot will be re-seeded towards the next jackpot.
  • 50% of the remaining prize will go to the royal flush winner.
  • 35% will be split between the winning hands table. 
  • 15% will be split between all other players playing cash games in the venue that meets the criteria for playing when the royal flush is won.



In addition where a player wins a hand with a Straight Flush (using both of their “hole cards”) then that player will receive 10% capped at £100.

For quads aces the player will receive 5% capped at £50.  

Full terms and conditions can be found on our cardroom notice board





VIP Poker

Manchester's VIP poker experience

Why not hire our private VIP poker room with custom made packages to suit everyone from beginners to the most experienced players from as little as £10 per person per hour 

We offer learn to play sessions and right up to private high stakes games.

Seating up to 50 players on all fully dealer dealt tables and overlooking the main casino floor, with its own private bar with waitress service and buffet options, it’s the perfect place for poker.  

Genting Manchester the place to host your game.

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