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Poker Schedule


Join us at Genting Casino Coventry for daily competitions. Every time you play in our Cash Games and Competitions you'll receive Genting Reward points!

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Monday - 8.30pm  £500 GTD  

£15+£3 The BIG FIVE-O*, 50k stack, 20 min clock (5k Bonus chips if registered before 8.30pm) £10 add on for 25k


Tuesday - 8.30pm  £1,000 GTD

£30+£5 Large Stack*, 20k stack, 4x25 then 20 min clock (2k Bonus chips if registered before 8:30pm) £20 add on for 20K


Wednesday 8.30pm  £500 GTD

£17+£3 BIG Stack*, 25k stack, 17 min clock (2.5k Bonus chips if registered before 8.30pm) £10 add on for 20K


Thursday - 8.30pm  £500 GTD

£15+£3 Deep&Cheap*, 100k stack, 3x30 then 25 min clock (10k Bonus chips if registered before 8:30pm) £10 add on for 50K


Friday - 8.30pm  £1,000 GTD

£20+£3 BIGGER Stack*, 30k stack, 20 min clock (2k Bonus chips if registered before 8:30pm) £10 add on for 25K


Saturday - 8.30pm  £700 GTD

£20+£3 Saturday Score*, 20k stack, 20 min clock (2k Bonus chips if registered before 8.30pm) £10 add on for 15K


**Sunday - 4.30pm  £700 GTD

£20+£5 Sunday Bounty, £3 Reg Fee, 20k stack, 20 min clock, (2k Bonus chips if registered before 4:30pm) £10 add on for 15K


*All tournaments have multiple re-entries and one add on allowed.

Bonus chips will be given if registered before the start time.



**On Sunday 2nd April and Sunday 16th of April we will not be hosting our regular scheduled tournaments.



Start Date: Monday 19th December 2016

Duration: 100 Days

Last tournament of the League: Saturday 1st April 2017

Tournament of Champion: Sunday 2nd April 2017 5pm – Late entries permitted. After the first break all chips will be placed on the table for players that have not entered the league final prior to the break.

Guaranteed £2,000

Guarantee £2000* (£1000 Prize for the Final and £1000 shared between the top 6)

Estimated Prize Pot: £5,000 – This is based on previous league figures


Players will accumulate 1 League Point for every £5 entry to the tournament. No additional points will be awarded for Re-buys, Add-ons or Re-entries.

8% of every Tournament Prize Pot will be deducted and held by Genting Club Coventry in order to generate The League of Champions prize pot.
Players that will make to the Final Table of any scheduled tournament will be awarded extra points as follows:

1st Place – 20 points

2nd Place – 15 points

3rd Place – 12 points

4th Place – 8 points

5th Place – 7 points

6th Place – 6 points

7th Place – 5 points

8th Place – 4 points

9th Place – 3 points

10th Place – 2 points

-Estimated League Prize Pot after 100 days: £5,000- This is based on previous league figures.

-At the end of the 100 day period 40 players from the top of the League Table will be invited to play the Tournament of Champions. (In the event of a tie then both / all tied players will entered into the Tournament)

-£1,000 from the League Prize Pot guaranteed to be divided between the Top 6 players from the League Table. Remaining monies will create The Tournament of Champions’ Prize Pot.

-The Guaranteed £1,000 will be divided amongst the Top 6 players as follows:

1st Place – 25% (£250)

2nd Place – 20% (£200)

3rd Place – 17.5% (£175)

4th Place – 15% (£150)

5th Place – 12.5% (£125)

6th Place – 10% (£100)


-For Top 40 from the League Table the Tournament of Champions will be a Freeroll with no registration fee. 

-For Top 40 players starting chips will calculated as 100 poker chips per league point according to the end of the league point’s bracket. – I.e. if you finish within the top 40 of the league with 480 points, your starting stack will be 48,000

-Final Table of the Tournament of Champions will be 10 seated and all Final Table players will be paid – This will be based on our standard tournament payout structure

Date of Tournament for the League of Champions: 2nd April 2017 5pm

-Seats are not transferable between players.

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion to modify the tournaments, kinds and types of games offered and the scheduling of all games and tournaments without prior notice.

Any dispute arising from these Terms and Conditions or not covered by the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, the decision of the Casino Management will be final subject to the Dispute Policy.


Genting Casinos recognises that a small proportion of its Patrons may experience problems as a result of their gambling. Genting Casinos are committed to a policy of promoting a responsible attitude to gambling and provides free literature within its Casinos for the information and benefit of all. Genting Casinos will ensure that its management and staff are aware of this issue so that they may offer assistance wherever possible. Genting Casinos operate SENSE (Self-Enrolment National Self Exclusion) scheme so if you would like to discuss your gambling please speak to a member of the management team.



For more details on any of our poker tournaments please see our card room supervisor on your next visit.



Date Name Start Time Game Type Type Buy In Chips Guarantee/Added