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Game play artwork for First Person Roulette


If you like the thrill of Roulette, you will love the options provided by First Person Roulette, fast becoming one of the most popular games in the Genting suite.

This Random Number Generated Roulette game is a standout 3D game like no other. The standard European table is played with a single zero betting grid and includes all the usual Roulette bets.

Yet the representation of a live Roulette table has the option to switch to a live table, making it a perfect 'bridge' game for those who like virtual settings that provide exciting gameplay, while offering the option of switching to a live table, which is just a click away.

The Go Live button is displayed on the 3D table at all times with First Person Roulette online and with one click, you can leave the virtual Roulette surroundings at any time, and join the live action.

When you First Person Roulette, the objective is identical to any other roulette game - to predict the number on the wheel in which the ball will come to rest once it has stopped spinning.
To place a bet, simply click on your preferred chip value, then click the area you'd like to bet on. Once you're ready, press Spin. You will then get a close-up on the wheel and watch the ball fall into place.
The easy-to-use action buttons - including a choice of three Spin modes - allow you to play at your own pace and make easy repeat spin bets. That means you are not harnessed to a specific timed betting period, making this the ideal game for novices. It is also great for experienced players, who may wish to speed up the gameplay.

When you play First Person Roulette online, other special features include instant results and a view of the recent winning numbers, making this an immersive gaming experience that is second to none.

And you can play First Person Roulette anytime, anywhere, as it is now available on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. We think you'll agree, the Roulette wheel that offers a fantastic two-for-one gaming experience is an instant classic.

Game play artwork for First Person Roulette